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Forklift Jack 7 Tonne HFJ700



Forklift Jack
Item: HFJ700

▲ Heavy Duty Design
▲ High capacity and rugged construction
▲ Extra low pick up point
▲ 2-position lift pad for hard-to reach places
▲ Specially designed hydraulic pump with German seal kits
▲ Removable handle and compact size
▲ Built in overload valve and bypass valve
▲ Guaranteed safety and reliable operation
▲ Conforms to CE standard and ANSI standard

Rated Capacity kg (lb.): 7000 (15400)
Min. Lifting Height mm (in.): 65 (2.5)
Max. Lifting Height mm (in.): 420 (16.5)
Width mm (in.): 250 (10)
Pump Stroke to Max. Height: 45
Net Weight kg (lb.): 49 (108)

Forklift attributes