Machinery Jack 6 Tonne or 12 Tonne - Rental


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Items: TB100 or TB200

▲ Conforms to CE safety standard
▲ Heavy Duty Steel Construction
▲ Dual purpose lift from Toe or Top

Item: TB100
Toe Lifting Range:
35mm-195mm  (1.4″-7.7″)
Toe Capacity: 6,000 Kg (13,200 lb) Static load
Top Lifting Range:
320mm-560mm (12.6″-22″)
Top Capacity: 7,500 Kg (16,500 lb) Static load

Item: TB200
Toe Lifting Range: 40mm-260mm (1.6″-10.2″)
Toe Capacity: 12,000 Kg (26,400 lbs) Static load
Top Lifting Range (in, mm): 325-545 (12.8″-21.5″)
Top Capacity: 15,000 Kg (33,000 lbs) Static load

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